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Create a "De-Activate Rule" action

Create a "De-Activate Rule" action so one can automatically deactivate a profile on a calendar based "Vacation Day"

When creating a Rule "Add Action" is limited to
Activate Profile
Run Application

Here is my reasoning

At Work I can no longer use a location based profile because Sprint recently fired up a new tower. Now I find myself between two “strong signal” towers, the closet being about a 1/2 mile away and the other 3/4 in the other direction. The phone switches between the two quite a bit, my “work” profile is pinned to the closer tower causing my to loose the profile when the phone switches towers.

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    Mark Hirt shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Brenton commented  · 

        I think there are Android resource benefits to come from this:

        Let's say I know I'm at work between 0900 and 1700 and I don't want setting profiles to perform any event based monitoring (ie, cell location)

        IF Time = 0900-1700 - THEN 'de-activate' 'rule x'

        Lets say 'rule x' is the only rule configured - a cell-location based event rule.
        By implicitly de-activating it between those hours, Setting Profiles should not need to poll for *network location* and keep the phone awake (wakelock). It only needs to keep track of time. Therefore, battery is saved.

        +1 vote.

      • cslink commented  · 

        I can't be "at home" and "at work" at the same time. Start simple - allow Deactivate Action. Then, possibly add "Replace with.." so that all active profiles are turned off and replaced by <specified profile>. Then, if necessary the other profiles will be detected and become active alongside the new, main profile.

      • Chris commented  · 

        If I want to de-activate a rule based on a condition, like "vacation," then I just put it in the logic. Just add "where calendar event is not vacation" to the list of conditions. In my opinion, the inverse logic condition provides the necessary functionality to satisfy this request.

      • neonicus ma commented  · 

        Also I want de-acitivate profile,why I want it?
        Because when some rule was out of condition but some profile (that activated by rule) was still actived,I must make sure by make opposite setting in other profile then activate it.
        It's better if some rules are conflicted together and some rule can deactive profile of other rule.

      • Palm Kolm commented  · 

        I would like to have profiles that change ringer volume etc activatyed one at a time only. I know there is now such an option. But at the same time, I'd like to have other profiles that control bluetooth, wireless etc and these I'd like be able to activate additionally. So if there's "De-activate profile" action, I can de-activate other ringer profiles when activating one of them.

      • Kris commented  · 

        This is a good idea. I could set it so when I leave my office location, my profile automatically changes to LOUD (since at the office it's silent).

      • sandstones commented  · 

        I find that since some profiles end up overlapping (such as being home, powered, nightime) I want to create an action to deactivate the profile when the condition is no longer true. I may not be sure what profile I want to activate; I just want to turn some profile off. I think this would be the only way to do it.

      • Adminprobeez (Admin, probeez) commented  · 

        rey.rios, why don't you inverse your logic - i.e. activate silent profile during night, but have another rule with incoming call from Family group to activate loud profile? This way you will only need to maintain Family group instead of adding any new contact to NonFamily one

      • rey.rios commented  · 

        I also want to do this for a Silent from 11:00pm-6:00am except from Family members. I was able to do this, but not in an efficient way. I had to create a group in Gmail called "All but Family" and I added all contacts minus the Family group. This way, the silent rule only works if anyone, except my family calls. I would like to either disable a Profile or exclude "all groups except x group"

      • admanb commented  · 

        I like this a lot for when there are rules that appear to have overlapping conditions and the app maintains my last active rule. I have Home, Work and In Transit profiles and In Transit uses the 'not @Home' and 'not @Work' conditions, but since when I'm home, I'm 'not @Work' and when I'm at work, i'm 'not @Home', this never really seems to work the way I'd like it to. But if I could also define an Action to Deactivate the In Transit profile when @Work or @Home, I'd be golden!

      • MinuitPro commented  · 

        A scenario that would help for me is simply add the "Toggle Profile" option like the widget lets you do. For instance, having pre-sensing profiles that turn on gps and/or wifi to detect the location/rule of the next profile and switch it (which would then turn gps/wifi off), but instead of activating it over the top which causes that back-and-forth, a simple Toggle to that profile (or deactivating previous profiles) would accomplish the desired task. This way your battery isn't being used by wifi/gps except for the few minutes you need it on (say on the way to work - to detect when you get there). I think the existing way works fine but you end up having to leave wifi/gps on to get accurate profile location conditions to keep a profile active via rule - which waste the battery.

      • tgconway commented  · 

        Would this not be covered by having a "And Not" condition in the rule so that it is not activated if the calendar entry is "Vacation" or whatever text you want to use?

      • Mark Hirt commented  · 

        I don't think my phone will do that and... it switches back and forth depending where I am in the building

      • webreaper commented  · 

        Mark, why not switch on cell-searching for 60 minutes, so that both cells are picked up as a 'work' location?

      • Mark Hirt commented  · 

        Any update on this one. Your email stated it was a good idea yet it's not in the planned que.

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